MMS-JAGODINA d.o.o. is a company succeeding a trade workshop established in 1985 and owned by Miroslav Milosevic from Svetozarevo. His name and town of origin are used to form an acronym for the company name.

Tel/fax +381-35-8225-587, mob. 063-612-011, E-mail: office@mms-jagodina.com

Since 1997, pthe company's been led by Miroslav's daughter, Ljiljana Rasic, graduated engineer in metallurgy and her husband Ljubisa Rasic, graduated mechanical engineer.Throughout the period from 1977 to 2004 the workshop provided the basic funds like machinery, land and premises, transformer-station, attested goods and the like. In September 2004, trade workshop changes its status into d.o.o. MMS - JAGODINA.



   Company's basic activities are: production of cable accessories and utensils mostly for middle and high-voltage cables and production of various mechanical parts and equipment for own needs, and for the customers as well.



• Cable head for outdoor use - KGTs - 10 kV.
• Cable head for indoor use - KGTu -10 kV , KGTu - 20 kV.
• Cable head KGVsz - 35 kV.
• Cable joints - ( KS - 43 , KS - 53 , KS - 64 , KS - 1150 ) 10 kV.
• Cable joints - KS - 1350 H, 20kV; KS - 1350 HE, 20kV.
• Cable joints - KS - 1640 HE - 35 kV, KS 1640 H 35kV, for parchment insulated power cables used for voltage levels between 10 kV and 35 kV.
• Insulated separation clamps for self-carried power cables: IOS - 1 , IOS - 2 , IOS - 4.
• Unburdening device for the replacement of chain insulators for power lines 220 kV to 400 kV.
• Manual hydraulic and mechanical presses for joining Al and Cu conductors.
• Electric and motor powered elevators for lifting and down-loading of light domes EMP-370.
• Parts made of plastic, rubber and various mechanical parts .


All products are made according to domestic and international standards and technical regulations. Products are being attested at the renown institutions as INT "N.Tesla", Institute “Vinča”, Faculty of mechanical engineering of Kragujevac. As to ensure stability of the production quality MMS is operating according to the standard SRPS ISO 9001:2008 and owns certificates
SRPS ISO 9001:2008 and IQnet ISO 9001:2008