Repairing Cable termination KGUr for reparation TEP terminations for indoor mounting cables with impregnated paper insulation up to 12kV

Repairing Cable termination KGUr for reparation TEP terminationsRepairing cable termination  KGUr-10, is used as a replacment for  TEP- cable terminations  for indoor mounting, three-core cables with impregnated paper insulation, with Cu or Al conductors, rated voltage 12kV. The scope of application is for round conductors up to       240 mm², and for sector conductors up to 185mm². 


          Repairing termination  contains: silumin flange with appropriate screws and rubber seal;  transparent body of the termination made of a special mass resistant to breaking, aging, high temperatures and oil 3 pieces of transparent tubes, also resistant to all the above and creeping currents. The accessories also come with 3 pieces of rubber sleeves and clamps for sealing the tubes and     2 kg of  VUM oil (high voltage oil mass).   


         This cable termination  allows you to replace the old TEP termination without  damaging or cutting the existing cable.  


          Installation should be performed according to the manufacturer's instructions.